Connect with your neighbors and build friendship by sharing items.

BeBonobo is a website that lets you easily find things you need from your neighbors - for free. Finding the things you need is even faster and more convenient. Ask BeBonobo for something you need, and get it for free from your neighbors. With BeBonobo, you get exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

BeBonobo is an award winning startup that promotes conscious consumption by disrupting current wasteful consumption patterns – through an online social network which connects individuals to list unwanted and search for any types of wanted items anywhere within a preferred distance or in any specific location. It offers consumers more affordable and conscious way to source goods/products and also get rid of unwanted but reusable goods.


What is the story of the name BeBonobo?

The Bonobo is an endangered great ape living only in south of the Congo river in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the closest extant relative to humans. Bonobos give food like apples and bananas to other bonobos who aren't a part of their group. These cuddly primates give presents to strangers because they enjoy having new interactions and expanding their social network. Bonobos from different groups will even travel together for days at a time. Watch "Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cute Bonobos" by National Geographic. The name BeBonobo was inspired of the Bonobo and we at BeBonobo call everyone to be generous to share their items with strangers around them and enjoy building new friendships and expanding their social network.

Jasur Hasanov

CEO, cofounder

Madyan Malfi

CTO, cofounder

Arzu Hasanli

Growth Officer

Noni Trisnawati

Community Manager

Kay Kay Ong

Public Relations

Yap Kai Li



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